Evicted the Movie Test Scenes 2 and 3

On Sunday night, we shot test scene #2. In this scene, Amy’s boyfriend has just left and ordered her a pizza to calm her nerves. When she tries to turn the TV on, she realizes that her remote is dead. Joshua comes back into her apartment and gives her more grave news. (There are a couple swear words in this video, so please be advised.)

And on the same evening, we shot test scene #3. In this scene, Amy waits outside for her office courier to catch a ride only to discover that it’s Joshua, her new, least favorite person. With her patience waning, Amy must decide if she’s going to finally accept Joshua’s help.

Evicted the Movie’s First Test Scene

This is a test scene from the feature film Evicted, a story written and to be directed by yours truly, Brendan Raher. This scene takes place early on in the film when the main character, Amy Jeté meets her caseworker, Joshua, who has the unfortunate job of sharing the upsetting news.

This scene stars Monica Barbaro as Amy Jeté and Rowan Brooks as Joshua. This was shot on the Canon 7D with 4 Lowell Omni lights, and one shotgun mic attached to a Swiffer pole.

Vince Navarro helped out with the 2nd camera to record audio. Nora Poggi ran the slate. Elise Raher ran the audio from the ground. Music provided by Marcus McCauley. Let me know what you think.

Giants World Series Parade Video

Check out the little 2 minute video I did from the parade that happened on October 31st, 2012 down Market Street in San Francisco.

First Feature Film, Evicted, to shoot Spring 2013

Evicted, starring Rowan Brooks, Kelli Shane and more will start shooting this Spring, 2013 in San Francisco.  Click the poster below to learn more and get involved:

Evicted Poster

Raher Brothers Travel to Spain

Palau de Musica

Trip to Boston

We finally visited Bean Town and got a stunning look at some of the beautiful architecture.

Boston Public Library

As a rowing athlete in my former life, I had to see the Harvard Boathouse too.

Harvard Boathouse

Baseball Birthday Bash

Just celebrated a phenomenal birthday with the family at AT&T Park in San Francisco.  We also finally found our brick in front of the ballpark.  Quite a sight to see!

Raher Brick

Stillheart Tour Video in Woodside, CA

Raher Brothers Productions’ latest video is a virtual tour of the facilities at Stillheart Institute in Woodside, California.